Murdo Iron Water Final Major Project07–05–2024
Being set the task of building a brand around a rare phenomenon by Pearlfisher, which culminated in a ten-page presentation. I explored different avenues before finding the Blood Falls in Antarctica, a rare phenomenon where orange coloured water cascades down glaciers, this comes from the iron oxide within the water.

This is where the inspiration behind the entire brand comes from, with the benefits that Iron can bring to the body, especially in the muscle recovery and sporty sector, I  set out to create a beverage company which allows athletes and likeminded people to perform for longer, harder and more frequently thanks to increase iron levels, which in turn allows for more oxygen flow to muscles around the body. And so Murdo Iron Water was created, to push athletes across all walks of life, from professional athletes to simple gym goers because everyone who pushes their body to the limit in reach of their goals can benefit from the product.  

3D Design
Branding & Advertising
Illustrator, Photoshop & Blender

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